Albion Park Touch Association

Covid-19 Requirements

Oct 20, 2020 | News

Albion Park Touch, as like all community sports must operate under The NSW Government Public Health Orders.
For community sport the limit for public gatherings is a maximum of 500 on a venue at any one time. This is inclusive of all participants, all referees, all officials and any spectators.

For all Players, Coaches, Managers, and Referees please ENSURE that you do not enter the
venue until 15 minutes prior to the commencement of your game. Team Management WILL NOT conduct post-game debriefs instead IMMEDIATELY at the conclusion of the game ensure all team participants leave the venue.

Under the Return to Sport Guidelines here are a few guidelines that have been put in place based on the Government Public Health Orders.
• Normal social distancing guidelines apply
• Huddles, handshakes and high-fives have been banned.
• Officials will ensure that balls are wiped with disinfectant before and after games.
• Arrive – Play – Leave.
• We encourage your teams at the end of their games to acknowledge your opposition and referees from afar with either: – • 3 cheers • Clap • Thumbs Up • Acknowledgement wave.
• Spectators must register their attendance by signing the attendance sheet at the Touch Sheds.

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